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Binding love attractive, marriage。 Want to escape from the two will only fish in the air。


We are so focused on their wounds, forgot to hold someone else’s outstretched hand。


Our side important person less and less, and stay in people around him more and more important。


When a girl fall in love with a man, will never see his shortcomings。


For love in any way you want, and keep the love is need of wisdom。


You have not loved with all his/her being, you will cherish the person who love you in the future。


Parents fool children education; Fool parents deception; Cheat each other is called the generation gap。


Against the wind direction, more suitable for fly。 I am not afraid of ten thousand people stop, afraid their surrender。


Life is like a maze, we use half looking for entrance, use life looking for export。


Smile, actually can disguise a lot of emotion, such as your heart is empty, such as my disappointment。


Love, originally is no name, waiting before meeting, that’s the name of it。


Heard that are bound together, no matter how hard it is around a circle will still back to each other。


No matter how much your feelings now, after a long time to chat also with regards to anodyne。


Really touched people’s feelings are always plain, it is silent and not make public, buried very deep。


True love a person, be about to try to make him happy, he happy you will be happy, then both sides will have passion。


Love should pledge of eternal love, only faithful, constancy of love, is the true love。


Don’t eat a woman in this world may have much better, don’t be jealous of the women have not even one。


Don’t feel painful love is not a true love, don’t feel happy marriage must be sad。


There is always a time of life, full of nervous, but in addition to brave face, we have no other choice。


Perhaps only in the furthest, ability once passed that day, see the most authentic most clearly。


Only torture yourself is unrequited love, only torture others is sadistic, already suffering more torture yourself is to love others。


I admit that there is no more than to love the pain, no more happy than to serve it。


For the world no man or woman is worth your tears, because the people is worth your tears, will never make you cry!


Thoughts always have had to collect up moments, but in my life the most loathe to give up, tucked away is always the best, and do not let the person know。


Let the text messages and the morning sun together, bring happiness to your heart, let you and I together, lift one day happiness!


I want to so-called alone, is the man you face, his mood and your emotions, not in the same frequency。


Everyone has the sense of responsibility, natural is affected by environmental education character and so on in the day after tomorrow, the strength of the sense of responsibility。


After break up; Can not do the friend, because hurt each other, not to do an enemy, because loved each other。


Number of years of precipitation, you when I grow up, mature, or see through, indifference, and it’s not a big deal。


I call the sun every day happy sunshine on you, my name is the moon every day to give you a sweet dream, wish you all the best!


Love is everlasting long out of the lighthouse, it set clear looking at the storm is not upright to move, love is life in its fulness like the cup with its wine。


You are lonely, sad day, quietly read a read my name please, and say: this world someone miss me, I live in a person’s heart。


Now together, may be together, is not together, remember this sentence: I missed, and it may never come again。


And a living habits have a lot of differences between people in love does not matter, married carefully, think about whether you can tolerate each other for a long time。


Women learn to spruce up their, don’t take simple to do, don’t do housework, don’t understand fashion, you are not a complete woman。


Love does not need to explain, but can explain everything。 Although love is category of the many feelings, but it is far more profound than other, more helpless。


You spring dreams, summer leaning against you lush, leaning on the autumn you mature, winter musters your thinking。 Every move of life because of you!


No matter how old, no matter how family friend rush, don’t literally take marriage, marriage is not play CARDS, reshuffle will pay a heavy price。


Give up a love you of person, not pain。 Give up a person who you love, that pain。 Fall in love with a do not love you, it is more painful。


I want you to know that there is a person in the world is waiting for you forever, whether in what, no matter where you are, anyway, you know, there is always such a person。


There is nothing more than the speed of attraction for women。 Poor women, they can completely do not understand a obedient boyfriend than a boyfriend can speak, I don’t know how many times stronger。

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