元旦节的祝福语英语版 – 维客社区



Wish you in the coming year, lucky。


May you live as honey, cause zhongtian!


Wish you good luck in New Year’s day, a year of luck!


I wish you happy forever, New Year’s day happy happy。


I wish you a happy New Year! May you have a long career。


Wishing you all the blessings of a beautiful New Year。


I wish you good health, good mood, all peace, a happy holiday!


Wish you a happy holiday, family happiness, good health, anping!


Good health, good luck, brimming with happiness in the year to come。


Happy New Year! May I can be a blessing to melt winter, warm your heart!


I wish you a happy New Year’s day; A happy Spring Festival。 Remember to always want to me!


You would like to strive for “round egg”, because of the New Year’s day and happy life!


I wish you happiness; Fireworks light up blue, I wish you a lifetime of happiness!


Simple good friends, good friendship relaxed, good fate for a long time long。


On the arrival of New Year’s day to send my most sincere wishes: happy New Year!


Wish you good mood every day, good in almost every month, every year good scenery!


May the New Year be a time of laughter and real joy you day。 Wish you well。


Happy New Year! Although this is just one, but it is carrying my countless blessings: peace!


On New Year’s day approaching, I sincerely wish you happiness, good thing money rolling!


Blessing is boundless attention drifted into your heart。 May my love stay with you until forever!


The Spring Festival, I wish you don’t know, don’t know you are a big silly hat。 In order not to let people know that smile on a cell phone now。 New Year’s day happiness!


New Year will come, I wish you the best in the New Year, all hopes can fulfill a wish, all dreams come true, all waiting can appear, all paying can cash!


The New Year, new beginning。 Heart wishes for the new starting point! Blessing is a true heart, not words, wish you a happy New Year and all the best!


Year after year of Christmas, rounds of New Year’s day, and a smiling face, one after another sincerely with you year by year。 Wish you all friends。


Health, peace be to you embrace, with happiness, with happiness, hug, warmth, with a sweet, took the money, lug auspicious, into the New Year, happy every day!


New Year’s day good! Best wishes to you, god bless you, god CARES about you, the bodhisattva to love you! You’ll be the wind, the wind to rain rain, pampered, gold everywhere!


The same festival has a different mood, different mood will have different stories, different story in the same festival of joy and happiness。 I wish you a happy New Year’s day!


Borrow the gentle wind in the New Year button to open your heart, the singing whispers of love in your heart empty fly, love is beautiful, xinxin, wish you happiness in the New Year again。


New Year’s day the festival, I put the blessing to way: the god of wealth to your home every day, love always put you noisy, health and happiness reported earlier, a friend, a happy holiday。


A wish, a happy heart, a loud prayer, ising happy blessing, a greeting, healthy, a wish, go in peace, a text message, friendship, New Year’s day has come, wish you happy。


New Year’s day festival is not altogether gifts clockwork SMS bless you, healthy and happy always with you, good luck and you are not isolated, the god of wealth already follow you, bonanza into the bag, all good to you!


Came to the New Year, new wish to: wish you get a breakthrough in wide coverage, health insurance basic, good luck for multi-level and finances to sustainable, happy to keep a steady rise。 New Year’s day happiness!

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