愚人节整人英语短信 – 维客社区



Transfer notice: we have $200000 into your account as requested, please confirm it within 2 seconds or transfer。


I wish you a powerful light duty, doing little more money near home, sleep to nature to wake everyday, salary is hand cramps, others overtime pay you!


Your influence is so wide, so vast, so deep! So that I can’t do anything today, only tease you play…… Happy April fool’s day!


Love at first sight in love with you, rather than embrace you, three days two head to come to you, no one kiss you, marry to you in five days, 60 years not separation!


The hearts of countless collisions, countless dream poetry, is the fate let us meet, is fate let us love, sincere blessings into patches of snow to be with you!


Emergency remind: look at your left, look at your right。 Please be careful just sneak out a mental illness, his character is: holding a cell phone look in all directions。


There was a true love, I didn’t treasure, lost only regret, if can come again, I would say: I love you。 If you want to choose, I hope is: happy April fool’s day!


It rained off and on, cause I infinite thoughts, namely, think you wait to beautiful, I also take you to the meadow, but agree beforehand: pigs eat grass, no hog!


Please enter the user name: McDull! Please enter the password: a happy pig! Hint: the password is correct, welcome to shenzhen, state-run piggery wish enjoy your dinner!


Personnel manager: sorry, your profession and our position is not very wrong! A: what is wrong? Is the premier of the state have to’s “premier” this major?


I feel familiar with you so long, you are special person, very, very, rare, a remarkable silly, but stupid cute, hee hee, don’t be angry! Happy April fool’s day!


You a flash, I immediately get lost, looking at the back of you really want to keep you, I loudly tell myself can’t let you go, so I on your figure to shout loudly to stop thief!


Wait the za riched, every day to do the body。 Thin where you want to thin, is big where you want to big。 VIP card buy two at a time, with a piece of upper body, lower body with a piece of。


Note on April 1, April fool’s day arrived, clockwork SMS to see everybody love flowers bloom you, please pay attention to today’s messages are false。 Remember to keep in mind, this is the first article。


Don’t move! Police raids! All held up his hand, the client station on the left, pheasant stands right and not wearing trousers standing in the middle, also in the mobile phone, say is you!


Are shown in cinema “Snow White and the seven dwarfs” audience liao liao。 Someone called cinema owners to change the title of “the life of a women and seven men”, “the audience packed!


That day every time I looked at your sexy body, naked in front of me twisting, gently caress your skin, I can’t resist the temptation to you: boss, I’m going to the fish! Happy April fool’s day!


Fool those trick on April 1, text messages to remind you, the fool is a fool can, happy is the premise。 Happy April fool’s day is coming, I wish happy skywarp, good fortune finances tightly connected。


The innocent and dusty, the lively, free to fly, the intelligent packaging, let happiness impossible。 Only release a little bit stupid and ignorant, walk river’s lake。 My dear friends, happy April fool’s day!


May your every hair fluttering wise, every cell contains the reiki, every eyes flashing bright, each behavior was full of alert。 April fool’s day is coming, don’t be fooled by others!


When you read this information, please do the following action: left hand knead the right ear, right hand knead the left ear, and stick out your tongue, standing on the street。 You will find somebody else will give you the money!


People alive really tired, stand straight to sleep, get on the car to line up, eat no fragrance, drinking drunk easily, also very tired to work, alas, even to send a text message has to charge the dog。 Happy April fool’s day!


The latest noun explanation: master is tall。 Literati is often bitten by mosquito, mortal refers to people in trouble, means the fool like you this special group of people; Happy April fool’s day!


Respect of customer: your mobile phone has been drawing function, simply insert the sim card out cash machines, such as cash, the business is not acceptable, please use mobile hard hit a cash machine! Happy April fool’s day!


You are my sole memory, you are my poem rhyme, you are sweet, I want you enjoy is my temper, you are my only want the miracle of valentine’s day, you are the precious memories at the end of my life。 Happy April fool’s day!


Thirty men are getting bad, holding the same generation sing the same love, 40 years old man has been getting bad, holding the next generation of singing the belated love, fifty men bad, held the third generation, singing the confused love。


This information is purely harassment information! Warning also didn’t sleep go to sleep, just turn over to sleep sleep, sleep for a long time up on a toilet and then sleep, really don’t want to sleep with me and pick up the phone to sleep!


Gentle woman is gold, beautiful woman is diamond, intelligent woman is a treasure, a lovely woman is famous paintings。 According to my research: you should be the world’s largest treasure, filled with gold, diamonds, and painting。 Happy April fool’s day!


A disadvantage is a blessing and I don’t know he is one of the biggest disadvantage。 Stupid as stupid does, is understood to be the greatest happiness。 People silly a easy, silly life is easy, the hard part is when the silly silly, the savvy savvy。 Happy April fool’s day!


A small group of prosperity, marry, the guest will late poetry revelers would call the bride。 The bride is shy。 To deep night guest do not come loose, the bride said: thank god, thank you, I should have no just no songs? Remember tang poetry by the way, having a value daughter!

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