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No matter where you are, as long as the face upwards long laugh, shout three “I is beauty”, I will appear in front of you。


Keep in your side, I am willing to life make your quilt in winter, summer do your electric fans。 Happy April fool’s day!


Wake up thinking of you smile, when washing a face, smell the flavor of you, you are I need before go to bed, really can’t leave you – my dear toilet!


Report: at this time you sleeping posture is not correct。 For your health, please you up heavy sleep…… Mobile real-time monitoring system。 Happy April fool’s day!


Without a revelation: a deadly, glassy-eyed; IQ is low, cause lost; Staring at the phone, watching the revelation; See the revelation, quickly disappear!


No matter where you fly, where I will be with; No matter where you run, where I will catch up with。 Then kill you — dead flies。 Happy April fool’s day!


Yesterday, I dreamed you, true of! Sunshine is so beautiful, your station’s seaside in deep blue, I take small stick one tong you, hey, this kinglet eight, the shell still pretty hard!


April fool’s day, for your action: he was a fool, although joy; Man is a fool, smiling without a word; For more joy, the friends fool。 How foolish pleased, fast to participate。


Dear of, I started missing you again, my love to you everyday at huge increase, because someone tell me: pork markup, you can sell a good price! Happy April fool’s day!


Last night I dreamed you and take you home, we went to a beautiful buildings, to you say, run into, I looked at your figure, also saw the words a mental hospital!


You are busy as bees, beautiful like a butterfly, loyal as a dog, lovely like a cat, simple and honest like cattle, formidable like a tiger, no wonder people call you。 The beast。


Dear, when I lie in your warm arms, how I wish time can stop at this happy moment, but I can’t stop the passage of time, I have to leave you now, dear, bed!


The thief stole a second time to shop when caught by the police。 The police asked: “don’t you know to be caught?” The thief said: “I know it says” welcome to come again。 ‘”


It will rain, people become old, god grandpa do。 I will seriously to hello, you as a treasure。 Come on! Don’t climb a tree, let us see how bad your red ass。 Ha ha, happy April fool’s day!


Sorrow! Trapped by a problem again。 Sorrow to tea these days I don’t think rice don’t want to。 I said, you have to help busy。 Look at what this means: “pig good had been attended to。”


I am a lonely tree, stood one thousand years on the road, lonely waiting, just for one day when you past me, is you dump, hit not flat you even miss life。 Happy April fool’s day!


The two innocent is too cold, you must take good care of yourself ah, don’t frozen, as the saying goes: people frozen leg, the pig frozen mouth。 I have already put pants on, you also get to buy a mask。


Respect of customer: your phone existing drawing function: simply insert SIM card to take out the cash machine: such as cash machines do not accept business: please use mobile hard hit a cash machine!


Two words have been very want to say to you, today finally courage: the first sentence, I love you, I love you; The second sentence, don’t take the first sentence seriously! Ha ha, remember to happy!


Afraid you hungry so god created the meters, afraid you thirsty so god created the water, fear you lonely so god created the lovely of I, if god found no more rice bucket, and created the lovely you。


Know the leisure, find easily; Know forgotten and find freedom; Caring, find friends; Know how to cherish, find happiness。 Know the exercise, to find health; Know how to enjoy, you found a pigsty!


A cricket bet with pig say: you can’t see me, I jumped into the grass pig say: I want to see? So the cricket jumped into the grass。 Pigs are watching for pig! Pig is still in look! Pig zha still watching?


When I was a child, a za a pair innocent playmates, I sing you dance, I can sing two hundred songs, you can jump two hundred dance, so affectionately call me two hundred songs, call you two hundred dance!


Her boyfriend said to his girlfriend, I will always love you。 Girlfriend puzzled asked her boyfriend: what is forever? Her boyfriend replied: “is dead and still love you forever。” Ha ha, happy April fool’s day。


Promise me, no matter meet what matter all want to calm, no matter what to do should be determined, no matter when and where to be optimistic, happy, no matter who met don’t tell him that you are mental derangement!


Weather forecast: today during the day a little miss you, turn to suddenly and violently think in the afternoon, the mood will lower five degrees, affected by the low mood, this kind of weather is expected to last until meet you。


As the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold, the water cannot be measured, although some people looks ugly, but a good heart, although small, but lofty。 Everybody praised said – you are such a person!


Today is April fool’s day, you can be careful; Friends have bad heart, whole when you happy; Someone kind, don’t treat as true; Be careful always pay attention to moment; Send you a concern to you today。 I wish all fools’ day!


Tell you a good news, you the desires of the heart of this year will be prosperous! Today I meet a dog on the side of the road, I squatted down ask it of you 2014 desires of the heart will be very popular? It seriously consider once said: it!


Love you ten thousand, exaggerated; Love you five thousand years, hopeless; Love you one thousand years, absurd; Love you one hundred years, is too long; Love you 70, successively in as long as my body health, this is my strengths! Happy April fool’s day!

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