元旦英语祝福短信 – 维客社区



Wishing every happiness will always be with you。


I wish you a happy New Year from all of your students。


With best wishes for a happy New Year。


A New Year greeting to cheer you, my good friend。


I’ll be home to enjoy this Christmas with you。


Here’s a tender New Year kiss from you know who。


Wish you a happy, forever forever。


Season’s greetings and best wishes, wish you have a bright and happy New Year。


May the glow of New Year candle bring you peace and joy, wish your New Year be filled with love。


May your New Year be filled with special moment, warmth, peace and happy with family reunions, wish of covered, the New Year。


If feel happy you flick, if feel happy you can tap them, if feel happy you tossed。 New Year’s day happiness!


Let cloud wisher to bless with full intention, embellish your sweet dream。 Wishing you a happy New Year!


In the world all splendor riches and honour than a bosom friends, friends, in this new day, wish you everything goes well!


Stick the BODY, full of MONEY, and HAPPY mood every day is SUNNY, carefree like a BABY, in a word, you the most HAPPY New Year!


I wish you a bonanza, hair like a hog; Body bang bang, strong like a bear; Love is sweet, beautiful like bees; Good luck, much like there。


May peace, happiness happy every day; Lulu unobstructed, stripes; Every year, lucre; Every happiness, all the best! New Year’s day happiness!


Across the warm atmosphere of the eve of New Year’s day: fireworks, bell, lamp shades, and my this small wishes; The holiday message: happiness, harmony and peace。


I put the blessing of the new century and hope, quietly placed under the snow will melt, let them along the spring seedling growth, give you full years of fruitful and fragrant!


Dear teacher, you lead, I since the childhood with wings of ideal。 From the bottom of the heart say: thank you for my cultivation and care! I wish you a happy New Year, happy New Year!


Test to 24 hours there will be a frenzy of blessing SMS blocking network, always smart vision of me。 Send blessings in advance。 Good family ~ the New Year’s day happiness!


A good two along three OK, rounded six Happy, miss you, seven, eight read you, Yang gal。 Bless you! I wish you: smooth work! Horse! Dreams come true! New Year’s day happiness!


Another year, snow to harvest year here, 2016 a year, I wish you good luck always is linked together, good luck repeatedly uninterrupted, 2016 le endless! Happy New Year!


Even to talk about money, hurt feelings, but also to talk about feelings hurt money, you see, I in order to sustain the affection between the two of us, say “happy New Year’s day with you, spend a dime。


Sky as New Year’s day, happy smile to you, money nodded, twisting, waist, and good fortune happy pat on face, tap them smoothly, safe shake hands, propitious smiles。 New Year’s day happy, oh。


Immediately to the New Year, wish you a backgammon, in one hand and a red envelope, with a gold ingot, pleasant goat, a blessing, good line thousands of miles, happiness all older。


The moon rises to one day, the earth revolution to one year, want to a person to 24 hours, love a person want to a lifetime, but a sweet blessing as long as a second: happy New Year!


New Year’s day happiness! These four words although it only took me ten cents, but the equivalent of 1.5 tons of blessing to hit on you, good, happy, every day, good mood, is infinite。


I wish you in the New Year: Kenneth legitimate cause, the body strong as tigers, numerous money number, work without hard, carefree like mice, like romantic music, happiness mo you belong to。


Happy New Year! Best wishes to you too! Over the past year we have cooperated with each other are all very happy, thank you for your care, I wish you a happy Spring Festival! Good lucky for you! Horse!


New Year’s day is the beginning of the New Year, New Year’s day is the first day of the New Year, wish on the first day of the New Year started, I am the first person to bless you! A happy New Year and happy!


I wish you in the New Year: Kenneth legitimate cause, the body strong as tigers, numerous money number, work without hard, carefree like mice, like romantic music, happiness only you!


The elder brothers, I wish you smooth sailing, two dragons boom, three Yang kaitai, four seasons peace, five blessings, lucky, seven stars shining, eight party to wealth, Yang concentric, perfect。


Darling, you are in my memory on the painted screen of added a lot of beautiful miss, like brocade inside! Please accept my deep wishes, may all the joy with you forever! Happy New Year!


Pleased to send you to the New Year, ferro longevity to, yuan around you, love love you, touching the kitten doggie also chasing the licking you, I will give you give wishes happy DianEr you!


New Year blessings through wind, with the missing things, with his obsession with the secret recipe, the waves in the fast fly, only to come to your side and say happy New Year and good luck in everything!


New Year’s day dawned, blessing you, wish you New Year new atmosphere, healthy body, a promotion and pay rise, happy life, good popularity relation, finally want to wish you smile, all the best!


New Year has the new hope, prosperity completely around。 New Year, new weather, are embracing the happiness。 New Year’s day is the beginning of the New Year, warm wishes to cash immediately。 Happy New Year’s day。


New Year’s day, the mood to take a vacation。 Escape from trivial worries, happy smile to carry, and busy, avoid pressure, quietly into the greeting。 I wish you a happy and comfortable New Year’s day!


Quietly to the winter solstice, wish you health, health is more happiness, tight, Christmas is willing to your peace, auspicious more flexibly, follow New Year’s day, wish you good luck, comfortable more!


Time proves to come in 2016, the warmth of friendship has been left bottom of the heart, the thousand ten thousand kinds of best wishes to your views, concentrate wish good luck to all in your hand。 I wish a happy New Year!


Immediately outside the qianshan mountain, New Year’s day wishes such as from heaven。 Time changes again, missing is still in。 Greetings from miles away and a New Year good luck with you, waiting for you, success happiness for you in full bloom, happiness flowers open unbeaten。

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