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If I can wake up together with you, I’ll be more love in the morning。


I leave in the morning and evening with you; I leave my half to you。


Wake you up every morning is not alarm clock, but dream!


Slept late every night, regret sleeping late every morning。


Wake up every morning, thank god let us together。


When you open your eyes in the morning, all excuses lost yesterday。


You are my first ray of sunshine every morning, good morning。


Breakfast in bed, and kiss me。 You can needless to say that you love me。


Everybody is a shortcut to go, it is the most difficult way。 Good morning!


If I early in the morning is at the same time open with you, the more I love in the morning。


Every morning opened his eyes and saw you and sunshine are in, this is the future I want。


If the evening with a satisfied to sleep, will be more determined to get out of bed in the morning!


If the past are ugly as hell so dark in the morning, looking forward to doing tomorrow?


Somehow by morning, everything will be clean, even the most stubborn stains will disappear。


In the morning, start with a clear mind。 No doubt, no tears; Have no fear; No worries。


In the morning the best part is to know that there are so a person is silently waiting for you to wake up。


Early in the morning a little fidgety? Put a hand on heart。 Feel it? Where there is your goal。


In an hour a day to get up early。 To do morning exercises together, this is the best gift you give to each other。


Morning when you boot, you can see me on the blessings, a heart of rose, bring you a day of good luck。


An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening, in spring。 How can not grasp in the morning, seize the day。

21、晚上睡觉前想的最后一件事,是你, 清晨醒来想到的第一件事,也是你。

Think the last thing before he goes to bed at night, is you, wake up in the morning think of, the first thing is you。


Every morning, say to yourself, the world is very good, very powerful。 To be sure, you are a brave man。


No matter how tired the day before, or are broken finger, wake up in the morning to see flower, is also a happy day。


I like to see the light green on the branches, it is the herald of spring, it is the beginning of a day early in the morning。


Wake up in the morning, decide a goal to oneself: today must be better than yesterday! Every day, will be resultful!


I like to get up in the morning when everything is unknown, don’t know what will meet people, there will be what kind of ending。

27、早晨,阳光照在草上。我们站着,扶着自己的门窗,门很低,但太阳是明 亮的。

In the morning, the sun on the grass。 We stood, holding their Windows and doors, the door is very low, but the sun is bright。


Day of my favorite moments are those five seconds, just wake up in the morning because I don’t remember anything, a blank。


Open my eyes in the morning, don’t rush out of bed, can hold the other half, enjoy the warm wake up together with the person I love。


If you wake up in the morning he found himself still can breathe freely, you are more than people died in this week’s blessed。


Tomorrow morning, there are busy not over of things waiting for me to do it, can’t stop, never end, where there is life, there is struggle!


When you wake up in the morning, think how precious alive is a kind of power: you can breathe, can think, can enjoy, also can go to love。

33、早晨一起醒来,你给我最温暖的吻,我给你做早餐,下午你接我下班, 我们一起回家。

Wake up together in the morning, you give me the most warm kiss, I make breakfast for you, you pick me up from work in the afternoon, we go home together。


Wake up every morning, when can we have two simple choices, go back to sleep and continue dreaming, or got up and chasing the dream, the option in your hand。

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