May have individual does not love me because of my soft body, but my cold hands, the heart of the holes and the eyes of despair.


Many things we think of a lifetime will not forget, as we never forget the day, forgotten by us.


All the harmony and balance, health and fitness, success and happiness, is full of optimistic upward psychological cause of hope.


What can be said, basic is missing, you know, knot, said is not clear, even couldn’t say.


The media made yuhua district, bloom on the surface of the lake in the summer, like a bunch of beautiful laughter. Wish you smile, happy life!


Love is the fate, love is touched, love is habit, love is tolerance, love is sacrifice, love is understanding, love is a lifetime commitment.


Once you have the feeling to someone, those feelings will always leave a heart, you may not like them, but you always care about.


Once upon a time, we have done in the world the most tender feelings, as a flower, low eyebrow, it were a cloud, to touch a drop of rain.


Only wait for things, people will know miss; Always in our most don’t understand, miss most things really.


One day I will silently walk away from you, without any sound, I missed a lot, I always one sad.


If, I know that one day, I will love you so. I will give my best side, in the day I met you.


When psychological not indulge, let oneself happy smile, sad to cry, experienced also.


We have put most of his feelings on the friendship and love, but in the end, often can make you touched only affection.


One day I will silently walk away from you, without any sound. I missed a lot, I always one sad.


Don’t is because more and more independent. Is more and more guilty. Away for so long. Found only on live or himself.


Don’t rely too much on anyone in this world, because when you are struggling in the dark, even your shadow will leave you.


The season of melancholy! Could you leave me, I’ll live happy, not let me once again lost in the sea of blue.


God wants us to meet a few wrong people, I must be able to accompany me to walk the mountain path, can accompany me to see the sunrise sunset, even if we don’t talk, is also love deeply.


The past cannot be rewritten, but it make me more strong. I want to thank every change, every heartbreak, every scar.


Met in dream good love is you see the world through one man, bad love is you abandon the whole world for one group.


A person only been to far away places, met a lot of people, he was able to let your experience what is peace and calm.


If you want to have a true love, then let their own independent. Happiness can create two people, only on your own independently.


Never thought of, love me but you away in my confidence. I hate myself, why have I don’t know to cherish.


See a long in the darkness of the sunflower, because met hundreds of millions of stars can’t match the sunshine, and strive to grow, the pain.


Everyone’s youth, eventually escaped a love, in this case, there is love, love, happy, happy, but just not eternal!


Read only after you will beauty; Understand you only after know love. I know the United States, so for you drunk. I understand love, so thousands of difficult again!


I have plenty of time to express emotions, or happy, or sad, write down a lot of words, can not always fill the lack of heart.


Love so uneasy, hurt so thoroughly. You’ll never know the love you for you thinking how sad.


Aftertaste is our hearts with a scenery, remember those touching moment in our life, make us have the courage to move forward.


To know a lot of a lot of people, work only a few, do a lot of choice, the necessary only several times.


Snow always landing, finally is bound to be melting, but you still will be landing and the process of infection, happy or sad.


Thank heaven, thank earth, thank fate let me meet you; Thank you for the gentle wind, thanks to the drizzle, thank the sun let me meet you.


Neither back, why does not forget. Since no, why oath. Today, water radiant. Ming evening evening, you were strangers.


I counted your laugh every day, but you even the smile of time, all good lonely. They say you smile, the beautiful and cultural.


You said you love the wind, rain is lonely, but not me; I said I have frost snow falling leaves, can only wait for you.


Love is a moth, probably perish, before die, no one can conclude that it fell on the, or is the light.


Time is not waiting for me, you forgot to take me away, I left hand is the firefly, which never forgets anything right hand is ten years a long meditation.


Happiness is to work overtime to very late at night, and back to home downstairs, please see the window of the sitting room still lights.


You know you need to let go but can not let go, because you are still waiting for the impossible occurs, the feeling is really uncomfortable.


Don’t forget to ever have. Can’t get more to cherish. Belong to own don’t give up. Has lost for memory.


If starting a relationship, I only want three things: no longer cry eye, no longer lying lips and never dried up love.


Happiness is, insisted should adhere to, give up should give up, cherish now have, don’t regret it has decided to.


True love is not you know how good he is just to be together; But know he has too many bad or don’t want to leave.


Some people are lost just know is love. Because of love, so will not be a friend, also won’t be the enemy, just familiar strangers.


Don’t say, why to defend the secular bias; Don’t listen, don’t need to understand gossip. Learn to buried in the heart, have already see through.


We may be able to love two people at the same time, and loved by two people. Unfortunately, we can only stay with one of them to the old.


Don’t take dream so seriously, feed is the premise of all; Don’t take reality so seriously, she is willing to accompany you, is enough.


Time didn’t wait for me, is you forget to take me away, I left hand you’ll never forget the firefly, right hand is ten years a long meditation.


The stars twinkle, waxing moon curved embedded in the starry sky, ZaoLin flow with a burst of faint scent. Is not a sweet jujube, is the flowers.


Forgive my greedy, people always want to keep around each to be nice to me, finally found that some people, no matter how to also do not leave.


You say you don’t believe everlasting, I think I can’t prove for you, for me, in the fall in love with you the moment, time had stopped.


Life is important. Didn’t double diligence, neither can nor a genius. Mentality is flat, the less bumpy.


Love is less than the person they love, sad disappointment is inevitable, I hope this matter no longer mention, time after everything will be better.


We are enjoying each other, there can be no clear later, but don’t pass each other and love each other and hurt each other.


Sometimes you inadvertently in a word, will affect my mood of a day, you may be casual, but I was seriously sad.


To become a high eq people actually not difficult, only in the every detail of daily life for others consider a little bit of good.


I am who I am, whatever the mood for love to flow, I still keep my own giggle, rustic laughter, sweet smile is the best, of course.


Such thing as happiness, is to give, is can pursue, can give up, can wait. How do you look.


You bored wander like flowers, with hand on my mind, and bees in your appearance, let me dream only far away from now on.


Memory is that we save for a better life; Memory is a part of our life; Memory is blooming flowers in our life.


Well want to talk about a love, not a blockbuster, motionless, may have a heart, whitehead not and mutually leave, is the greatest happiness in this lifetime.


Happiness is with a grateful heart; Have a healthy body; A bunch of reliable friend and a promising tomorrow.


I cowardly in by rain is confused, eyes of tears, I think, this time to tears, should not wake the patient.


And then grow old together, until the end of life is not perfect I need also not perfect you, to join hands in creating a perfect future.


Person’s life, career and the future, you may have to try and shift, and life only have once, is irreversible.


Most of the time, we as the engraved on the memory, whereas others had forgotten, rather than focusing on the heart, be inferior to see light, looked down.


Not to meet future, the past is not love, the present every moment, is the only moments of life. The present, live good life.


I don’t have the right to retain what, also won’t entertain wild hope, because I will always go, go, go straight on to the pain of breathing.


Walking over a period of years, anyone would encounter the time’s narrow, only smile, all will quietly go away.


I want to love is very simple. Talk to me, you will listen. Will you be in when I need. When I turned and, you also in, that’s enough.


How to go, and let you crying also call don’t come back, don’t go, let you how to drive, also won’t abandon you to stay away from you!


Night, spring breeze was blowing gently. I, her chin cupped in sitting in a tree lost its steps, mind emerge a memorable thing again.


Successful flower, people just admiring it present mingyan; But at the beginning of buds, soak the struggle leiquan, with the blood rain of sacrifice.


Do you know what is accidental, is I never thought I will meet you and I met, but I never thought I will love you, but I love.


Brokenhearted of people took it for granted with a grandiose art to comfort myself. The truth, where rhetoric can cover up the waves of the heart.


Want to stop in your island, you can cut my cordelle threw my pulp, so that in the rest of the time can only go with someone else.

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