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Love yourself more than others, is natural and real.


Respect yourself, respect others is a virtue, respected is a kind of happiness.


Because young, so confident; Because confidence, so young.


Honesty is the most beautiful coat, is the most holy soul of flowers.


Faith is to the people, of wings to a bird, the flying wings of our faith is.


Low down the anticipation in advance then the concern’s for people will be more comfortable.


Matches if avoid burning pain, it’s life will be bleak.


Devotion is love, have the courage to pay, you will receive the gift of accident.


The door of success is often the door left unlocked, as long as you brave to push, it will suddenly wide open.


Weather is hot as hell, and no wind ChouHuHu air seems to be setting.


With a sincere friendship to sow, with understanding to care, must be watered with enthusiasm.


Cloud in the sky, the bags here, there is a way to the sun and endless skull.


Success is to guide, with ideal to use creativity to develop, must be watered with sweat.


Dying in the sun, in the most gorgeous die surrounded by, but be elated to tea end.


Mutual respect is the first virtue, the necessary distance is any kind of respect of premise.


There is a kind of injury called sad, is eyelash can no longer bear the tears the ball, gently touch will drop.


Not fret too much, but we don’t understand life; Not happiness too little, but we don’t know.


I can hear you say your story with a smile, but really can not smile to hear you say your relationship.


Summer, hot days even dragonflies only dare to fly with the shade place, as if afraid of the sun hurt his own wings.


Have a heart of akagi, have a friend; Have a kind heart, have the love.


If you look forward to tomorrow, it must first be down to reality; If you want, then you shall be feet don’t stop.


Respect is a wisp of spring breeze, the spring of a give a person warm comfortable pills, a dose of inspiring.


I told him no feeling, I don’t love her anymore. Why did this happen? Because our love lost to time.


Youth speechless, coruscate gives vitality, flowers have no language, but sends out a fragrance, spring rain speechless, moistens the earth.


Looking back, the days of all colors of light and shadow, the memory of the barrier, the once enchanted voice has faded away.


When you were born, you cried, the people around with a smile; When you are passing away, you’re smiling but lookers-on are crying.


Rock because the firm faith, fueled the beautiful waves; Because the pursuit of lofty, youth is extraordinarily gorgeous.


In love is like a net, always warm the person’s heart, just like a mother’s love, no end.


Tolerance lubrication, the relationship between each other, to eliminate barriers to each other, clearing the each other’s scruples, enhance the understanding of each other.


The sun like a boss boss fireball, the light is bright, the road was burning sun, foot down step a string of white smoke.


Be generous with your love, open your mind, give a lot, you will discover that you have also been bathed in the love of the river.


How long can pluck a disc flowers beautiful? How long can a temporary indulging and happy? Aspirants to the goal of life pursuit.


Learn to tolerate, means growth, show elegance, wood out of the wood can absorb more runs out strong and more mature.


The past is forgotten in the memory of the dream, and you are my only bright memory, the water drops on green leaves, is the tears of missing.


No a rouge can apply time, no garment can hide the soul, there is no a set of ancient books can decorate the empty.


Angel wings broken, fell to earth, has become our sorrow; Integrity cast, tunica are scattered into the world, became satan’s wand.


Friendship, is the result of love. When you fell, support hands, sad, send you a ray of comfort; Lonely, take a disc sweet heart.


A mother’s love is lost when well-meaning persuade; A mother’s love is strong noise when travel one; When a mother’s love is helpless kind smile.


Endurance, is a kind of no significant mountain dew persistent; Is a not afraid not afraid of wind rain perseverance; Loyalty is a not a personal gain.


The air without a cloud, no wind, head round the sun, all the trees listlessly, lazily stood there.


The fate of the boat is drifting; The fate of the sail is zhuifeng directly; The fate of the life lies in the grasp, grasping the letter life, youth can clear conscience.


Confidence is the source of never dried up, which is its way through the waves, self-confidence is the rapids endeavour channels, self-confidence is really the mother of success.


During that time, no matter from the perspective of what you read, you are perfect, you are missing parts, also has long been my brushes filled with imagination.


Thought, a helpless cry, dinner-table is in all the vicissitudes of life; A small setback, the failure of the dinner-table is all life.


Wine the yearning, like a drink is drunk, drunk when they read the sadness with all the enthusiasm of the moonlight. So drunk, night drunk, I also drunk.


Warmth is the spring rain is spread; Warmth is written on the face smiling expression; Warm without response; Warmth is meticulous.


When you get used to live a day, then you live only one day in the life; If you ever new life, then you every day is wonderful.


Life is the flower for which outstanding displays; Life such as song, beautiful melody; Life such as alcohol, aromatic fresh; Life such as poetry, artistic conception far-reaching, gorgeous.


Let yesterday into water, let the past to fly with the wind, don’t remnants of yesterday, today’s cup mark; Can only cherish now, harvest tomorrow.


When time past, we forget we once loved a person with no regret, forget her lovely, forgot everything she did for me.


Without passion, love is not burning; There is no friendship, friends would not be full; Without lofty sentiments, tzu chi is difficult to achieve; Not in the mood, it was hard to finish.


Life is like a mountain, the important thing is not its height, but in the witty; Life is like a rain, what will matter is not its size, but in a timely manner.


Sincerity is a good wine, the longer year fragrance thick type; Sincerity is a fireworks, blossom on high to the more beautiful; Sincerity is a flower, send to the hand have lingering fragrance.


Believe that beautiful life, is a song without words elegy, overflow the lonely heart, have already become into ice, and you, is this season’s most beautiful notes.


Friendship warm friend injured heart, fire lit up the stray and the way forward, the clouds broke up the lonely heart, lit the losers new hope.


You must learn to enjoy in life, to enjoy work the cheerful, enjoy friends laugh, enjoy the warmth of family, enjoy the joy of creation is to enjoy the sweet fruit.


Only grasp now, can run tomorrow, only grasp now, in order to enrich the illusion of tomorrow, only grasp now, in order to create tomorrow’s brilliant!


Life is a wise elders, life is a knowledgeable teacher, it is often in the rain, coming softly to guide us and give us the enlightenment of life.


A CongQiuJu, also want to smell; Is an autumn leaf, also want to decorate the earth; Is one individual plant cooper, also want to hold up the sky; Spring is a glimpse of ancient, also want to outflow.


The health is beautiful, the right is the best, often new is charming, ordinary is great, tenacity is long, the real is eternal.


After experienced failures and setbacks, I learned to strong; When subjected to misunderstanding and injustice, I learned tolerance; After a loss and parting, I learned to cherish.


Success is your dream of the red roses, frustration is that throughout the surrounding acupuncture. Happiness is the fruit of hard work to get you, sad is that mature before the immature grain.


Worldly things are so: when you deliberately pursue, it like butterfly wings to fly away; When you concentrate, unexpected harvest has quietly come to your side!

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